Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Like A Blank Out Of The Blue


Suddenly, I discover this morning that my Luv4Sinners website is not available. This site:  is apparently non-existent. When I go into the UK Geocities page, for managing my site, it states that my web address is but, when I try to access my files I’m quite simply transferred to a USA Geocities page where I’m asked if I would like to start a website.


My Ace FTP programme is still able to access all my files on the uk.geocities server so, I’ve duly copied them over to a folder on my PC as backup. I have contacted Geocities, via an online form this morning, in an attempt to find out what’s going on.


Had I been informed of any impending change I could have removed all the links to my website from my blogs and other websites but, at the moment I don’t know whether it’s just a temporary aberration, on Yahoo’s part, or whether I’ve been purposefully removed.


Does anyone out there know if the UK Geocities free websites have been discontinued, I’d really like to know?


Anonymous said...

How annoying! I hope it's just a temporary glitch and not permanent. Good that you could at least still access the site files.

I use who are not free you get a .com domain as well as hosting (plus email and webmail) which is $35 a year. I've had very few problems over that last 4 years plus and when there has been a problem they've been fast to respond and it's always been a personal human response. If you time it right you can get something like 250mb of disk space.

But I hope you don't need it!

I lost a free web space site with yahoo many years ago after I didn't use the email account for something like a month - even though I had used the web space. It's a frustrating business!

Malcolm said...

Thanks for stopping by Rachel and, for your recommendation of a web host. As you'll see from my follow up posting, I'm still no wiser as to what is happening!