Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In A Spin

These sudden plunges still prove alarming, no matter how many times one experiences them; it's almost as if I could feel the colour draining from my face. In  an instant an overwhelming maelstrom of gut churning, muscle spasming, head spinning, washed-out giddiness, yields a fearful disorienting discomfort. A pulse racing, nauseating, vertigo veils every semblance of familiarity from one's immediate environment.

Perhaps, this time, it's a belated response to last night's extreme restlessness which was accompanied by randomised stabbing pains in the lower abdomen. My beloved arranged a GP appointment for me this morning; I was about due for a review, in any case, to check whether my current increased ppi dosage was proving beneficial. Today I saw a different doctor from the practice and, she has decided to try me on a different ppi, and has set up a further appointment for three weeks time to check on progress etc.

At the moment, my gastro-oesophageal problems seem to be in competition with other muscular aches, pains and spasms, in an attempt to grab my full attention.


Kitty said...

Hi Malcolm,

Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough! I understand - Yesterday I felt amazing and a friend of mine even said I looked weller than she'd even seen me since the ME/CFS started, but then it was 7pm and my body felt like it had been smashed into by a bus. Makes you feel like a bit of an idiot for forgetting that you pay for doing things sometimes.

Anwyay, I hope you recover from your crash soon!


Malcolm said...

Thanks for stopping by Kitty, your visit is much appreciated. Quite strangely I'd just done a twitter link this afternoon to your "You Look Well Kitty" post - pleased that you have a friend who really understands that you are "ill"! I wouldn't wish an experiential understanding on even my worst enemy.