Sunday, February 10, 2013

for this ordinary day ...

What a relief; today I feel much more my usual “better-day” self! Yesterday was the kind of day one always hopes to avoid; from waking-up, after a familiarly intermittent non-refreshing pattern of sleep, and throughout the whole day and evening I felt numbingly exhausted, despite the fact that the excruciating pains in my hip and left limb were quite markedly in abeyance.


Last night, as I [un]settled down to sleep, that once far too familiar painfully hollow sharp bruised ache in my left arm took over. Having already taken painkillers, I duly applied a wrist splint which seems [occasionally] to alleviate the nauseating discomfort. A nausea inducing dull tenderness in the armpits soon became apparent; I had to remove my [not at all tight fitting] pyjama jacket which began to feel as if it was constricting armpits, upper arms and shoulders.  


The minor setback followed eight days in which I had felt the brightest I could remember for a considerable time. Concentration, alertness and general sense of wellbeing were on a, far too rare, high consequent upon the acupuncture treatment received on 31 January.


I feel really blessed in having visits from a physiotherapist, trained in both Eastern and Western models of acupuncture, who has considerable experience / understanding of ME [Myalgic Encephalomyelitis] both as a practitioner and a fellow sufferer. Being enthusiastically athletic, it must have come as quite a blow when she succumbed to this wretched neurological condition. Working as a physiotherapist, she had noticed the detrimental effect that exercise was having on some of her clients; at the time I doubt whether there was any inkling that this could become part of her own experience.


Today has been a wonderfully relaxed time in the company of my beloved, exchanging sweet nothings, and catching up with some recorded TV programmes. For this ordinary day – I give thanks.

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