Tuesday, April 16, 2013

remembering Maggie - her legacy lingers on - poetry


ConDem Nation




First we eliminate

all job security -



all contracts

can be terminated

on a whim.




that work makes free

we guarantee


the long term unemployed

will do these jobs





Malcolm Evison

7 November 2010





(creator of social divisiveness)



Behold the god of lies

taker of lives

maker and breaker


of dreams -

creator god

who captivates


the mind -

spins webs

of treachery


replaces hope

with greed

installs himself


in all the highest places

proudly proclaims

there is no god but me


and we

fall for the party line.





Malcolm Evison

2 May 2010





  (Just One Of Maggie’s Victims)



He seeks and fails to find

the semblance of

his once bright hope.


The family sleeps, he lies

awake, perhaps

a few untruths could make


an honest man of him.

Purveyor of unwanted skills,

he sifts through all


the cut-price vacancies –

prepares to swallow principle

as well as pride.



  Malcolm Evison

  14 July 1987

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