Sunday, February 13, 2011

GP or not GP that is the question

and nothing has improved since the previous posting, simply a more sustained discomfort; apart from the spasmodically acute pains in chest and abdomen, yesterday saw a return of my faint giddiness which cut short a visit to Helen's Church (Wesley) for a spot of lunch.

Up until 19 January, apart from my usual tramadol (painkiller), mometasone (nasal spray), I'd be taking 2x30mg lansoprazole (proton pump inhibitor) each day but still needing the odd dose of Gaviscon at night. On the 19th, the doctor I saw took me off the lansoprazole and switched me to a different ppi, namely 1x40mg esomeprazole daily.

On 9 February, I had the appointment mentioned in my previous posting (Worth A Mention?). In his effort to ensure that he involved me in the decision making process, the GP I saw this time somehow decided that I should continue with the esomeprazole (although it was proving less effective than the double dose of lansoprazole - except briefly on the initial few days) but also prescribed 10mg domperidone (a dopamine antagonist) to be taken 3 times a day.

Apart from the increased discomfort, and even occasional bouts of volatile diaorrhea, I once again find myself wondering whether the chest pains are in fact directly connected with my gastro-oesophageal problems. I quite simply had the feeling that the GP just wasn't interested!

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