Monday, February 14, 2011

Romantic Promise and Actual Practice

This should be a really romantic week, today being Valentine's Day and Saturday being our Wedding Anniversary and, what's more, my beloved has the whole week off work. Of course things never go fully according to plan; this evening we were due to dine with Helen's sister Janet and Graham (her spouse) but unfortunately, owing to the erratic behaviour of my health - with special reference to the digestive tract - it seemed much safer, yesterday, to cancel that arrangement.

So, what romantic treats has today brought. It was wonderful to enjoy more of my essential morning lie-in snuggled up to my beloved, who has usually headed off to work about three hours before my routine emergence from the duvet realm.

Other events were not quite so romantic; a visit to the dentist revealed a dental abscess, for which I'm now taking a course of antibiotics, whilst later in the day a further visit to my GP's surgery was in order.Tomorrow, I'll be headed off to the hospital for a few more blood samples to be taken, prior to a further GP appointment (arranged for next week).

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