Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FRUSTRATIONS of a Medical and Medicinal Kind

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It shouldn’t really be like this; anger and despair turn out to be the result of a visit to the GP. Having finally yielded to my beloved’s advice, I got around to arranging an appointment with my local doctors practice. My reluctance to make this appointment is the knowledge that they’re only equipped, or allowed the time, to deal with a specific singular ailment, not a complex multiplicity or whole people.

First annoyance came when he (being the doctor) stated that the medications I was on had a tendency to conflict / counteract each other to some degree. Considering the length of time I’ve been on this assortment of potentially self-conflicting cocktails, I begin to wonder why the practice had been oblivious to this over the course of the past couple of years.

When conflicting advice, between medics in the same practice, as to whether certain meds should be used pre-emptively or only when absolutely necessary, adds a further quandary for the patient as to the efficacy of using the practice at all.

Anyway, a couple of the prescribed medications are no longer to be used; they are replaced by a single different medication. Worrying for me is the following statement, on the Patient Information leaflet:

 take special care if you:

suffer from conditions like abdominal pain, muscle weakness, mental confusion.

[there are times – regularly for the first two, occasional for the latter - when I can tick all those boxes]

The doctor further suggested that I should use co-codamol instead of tramadol, even though I’d had to stop using co-codamol, because of the effect it was having on various abdominal organs, a few years back. Tramadol, thankfully, remains on my prescription.

Next came the little prep talk suggesting Graded Exercise Therapy would help, even performing the same limited exercise on ‘bad’ as well as ‘good’ days. Obviously he has no understanding of what a PwME’s (even moderately so) ‘bad’ day is like. I explained that even the visit to the opticians, a limited amount of exercise involved, was sufficient to cause payback, his response was that obviously was too much exertion!

Well, it seems that I’ll have to stick with my own pacing regimen which essentially curtails any exertion on bad days and, ensuring that I always have some spoons in reserve when I exercise on good days.

The preceding events, at least their physical & mental toll, necessitate a temporary postponement of my visit to hospital for further blood tests

I’m quite proud of myself for refraining from the use of expletives during this little rant; expletives remain in my personal domestic space for the time being


Malcolm Evison doctor even told me that there's no connection between overload of pain stimuli and the corresponding nausea that I experience !!!

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