Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MEDICATIONS Mess Up - Contra-indications

The two previous posts refer to this same topic! I suppose this is simply an update.


MEDICATIONS: Current state of play. I've now stopped taking both amitriptyline and sertraline ('cold turkey' as followed GP's advice to return unused ones to pharmacy - that was before I'd read the leaflet with the Trazadone that he recommended I started that evening) but am not taking Trazodone.

My beloved OH visited my GP's surgery to point out the information warning me not to take the Trazadone; the receptionist took the details saying the duty doctor would contact me this afternoon. Mid-afternoon one of the practice receptionists called me to say that the duty doctor said it had to be dealt with by the GP I saw yesterday but he won't be there until next Monday. It seems obvious to me that contracted GPs are afraid to challenge even wrong decisions by a practice partner.

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