Sunday, March 02, 2008

FROM CLARITY TO CANDY STRIPES and thence to vacancy

Prior to going out, for our thwarted Mothering Sunday Meal, I decided to play about on ‘Old Faithful’ (my original tailor-made PC). As I waited for the anti-virus to update, the occasional vertical pinstripe appeared on the screen. A few minutes later, the whole screen was dressed in almost psychedelic candy stripe array. I attempted to switch off the TFT monitor, (date of manufacture: September 2003), to no avail. An attempted re-start of the computer, via the PCs reset switch (the monitor remaining inaccessible) proved futile; the candy stripes resolved themselves into a state of stasis, regardless of the CPUs activity/inactivity.

At this point there was no other option than a forced shut-down of the system.

Having unplugged the monitor, various tests (using alternative transformers etc) determined that the monitor was totally defunct; no more candy stripes, no power led light, just an inert blank black screen!

Evidently, LCDs lack the stamina of good old CRTs; I’ve had far better service from second-hand (office cast-off) CRT monitors than this ProView TFT. Thankfully I have ready access to other machines, otherwise my frustration would have turned to righteous indignation.


SimplyTim said...


yes, planned obsolescence...damned planned obsolesence!

I remember a while back I felt a need to discharge some anger...not really...I really wanted to throw something that would break against something that wouldn't.

I went to the town dumb and brought several bottles. When there was no one nearby, I threw them against the back wall of a big dumpster like gizmo. They broke but there was no satisfaction with it.

Then a few weeks later I had a batch of long fluorescent bulbs which had just given up. I brought them to the same spot. Threw them, like throwing a spear...and...oh wow...great satisfaction and pleasure. They broke with an explosion all at once. Now that was neat!

Maybe it was something also like throwing the spear that brought out something deeper.


Malcolm said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for popping by.

'planned obsolescence' is certainly the case! The manager of a local PC store expressed surprise that a TFT of its generation had "served me so well".

For future reference, I will store the efficacy of a spear throwing action in one of my mind's cubby holes.