Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just laikin'

it's really rather strange how one Yorkshire dialect word laikin' can have two apparently similar but totally disparate meanings. In common parlance it's "playing" or "larking about" but ,it can also be used to mean "not working".

Superficially the two meanings seem to have much in common but, scratch the surface and a real difference is evident. If you're not working, that means you'll have no income and, in such circumstances one isn't likely to feel very playful!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the saying goes but, having no work can be totally soul destroying.

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SimplyTim said...

Hi Mal,

I tried to send this to your email address on your blog, but it came back as an inaccurate address...

Original text:

Hi Mal,

in the for this date there was a video below the fold about coping with chronic pain.

Woman took up tap dancing and it had a positive effect on her pain and weakness, etc. Interesting. Connection with elevating the mood and feelings of well being etc.

thought you might be interested.