Monday, January 12, 2009

Sleeping - Waking - Waiting


It’s no longer sleep that’s the problem but rather waking. Great as it feels to be getting some real deep sleep, having previously experienced so many painfully restless nights, the necessity of sleep now seems to be overplaying its hand. Whilst I am really appreciative of the extra time (theoretically) I have to spend with my beloved, as she has been taking a few days leave, my extra sleep requirement has somewhat eaten into these precious moments.


Presently, my pain management routine seems to be kicking in; it’s almost a case of pain remaining at acceptable levels, permitting one the ability to think, and even concentrate, for a somewhat more sustained period. There is just so much to be grateful for!


This afternoon, I received a ‘phone call from my GP’s practice and, have duly made an appointment for Wednesday morning to discuss the results of my MRI scan. I’m not committed to anticipating either the worst or the best from these results; it’s simply a case of remaining patient until I get them. It was quite a surprise to hear so soon as, when I’d had the scan last Thursday, they informed me that it would be approximately two weeks before my doctor would have the result.  


SimplyTim said...

Good luck on Wednesday.

What do you attribute to causing the increased sleep? Change in meds?


The Oxcliffe Fox said...

Our thoughts are will be with you on Wednesday.


Malcolm said...

Thanks Tim & TOF - your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

Wish I had the answer to the "increased sleep" question - on one level it's a necessary compensation for all the preceding sleeploss but, until the experienced pain level was curbed the compensation would have been indefinitely postponed.