Monday, November 16, 2009

Like a circle in a spiral

Once upon a time one picked up a telephone and rang through to the surgery to order a repeat prescription but, sadly those days are gone. Once upon another time, my local pharmacy did the job for me but, on almost every other occasion, something went wrong (at the pharmacies collection and delivery end I suspect – having had no such problem when I changed to the next system for placing repeat requests) and it took an increasing period of time before the prescription was fulfilled.

Next came a great boon; after faffing about on line for initial registration, it became conveniently possible to order a repeat prescription online. No problems with that system until, this morning, when I was greeted with a different signing on screen. The system has evidently been changed to improve efficiency. Unfortunately the new system requires a “user name” which has not yet been allocated. I duly rang the surgery who informed me that a) you will not be able to use the system this week and, b) you will be receiving a letter (via snail mail) in a few days informing you about the new system!

It would have been helpful if we had been informed that the system was going to be inaccessible, thus allowing us to place the repeat prescription request in advance! Do I take two bus journeys, each way, to drop in a repeat prescription request or, do I give the local pharmacy another try? Perhaps I’ll wait until ma belle chauffeuse is available and drop in the repeat prescription form that day; this latter approach could save a lot of additional frustration.


Anonymous said...

What a frustrating way to start the week - hope you get that letter soon so you can avoid the travel to get it taken care of!

SimplyTim said...


What a mess. When I noticed that my prescriptions seem to be changed willy nilly by the big box pharcacies (presumably to get the least expensive generic - for them), I went to a local single owner pharmacy for the purpose of having a bit more individual accountability and service and also to have the possibility of that pharmacist doing his due diligence as to which generic is in his interest as well as mine.

It's also a "two-fer" since I'm supporting the local community towards resilience.