Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Matter of Routine

I've just been reading the most recent posting, from The Oxcliffe Fox, referring to the reticence of the English when it comes to making complaints (Something un-English). It occurred to me that the customary courteous enquiry, of restaurant staff, "Is everything alright for you sir/madam",
suggests a lack of confidence in the quality of the commodity they supply.

Perhaps it would be better if a placard was posted on the wall stating, " If you tell us what was wrong with the meal we served, we will attempt to rectify our mistake the next time you visit!"
, thus avoiding the probable embarrassment of an ill-prepared waiter / waitress having to cope with any answer other than a formal assent to their question.

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The Oxcliffe Fox said...

I take your point, but maybe a more honest placard would read "Complaints butter no parsnips" or even more bluntly, "If you don't like what we give you - tough!" I'm thinking of launching a new publication; you've heard of the "Good Food Guide"? Well, what about "Eateries to be Avoided at all Costs"? Now, there's something to chew over! TOF