Monday, May 03, 2010

A Special Privilege

No need to go out bird-watching when the garden is receiving so many avian visitors. Apart from the regular starlings, tree sparrows, dunnocks, blackbirds, wood pigeons, blue tits and collared doves, we are now receiving frequent visits from goldfinches, greenfinches and, today, a bullfinch which posed for us, in full clear view, within a few feet of our living room window.

Just a couple of days ago, a willow warbler perched itself within a few feet of me, whilst I sat in the arbour seat, and treated me to its wonderful liquid song. As I sit tapping this out, a couple of great tits are at one of the feeders whilst a blue tit is utilizing one of the bird baths, a male blackbird at the groundfeeder gives a brief burst of song and a female arrives at the same feeder. Meanwhile, another couple of blue tits gorge themseves whilst hanging precariously from the fat ball feeder.

I just feel so fortunate to have all this activity on my doorstep.
I'm almost anticipating the (frequently observed) red kite to glide over at low altitude to complete the picture. If Malcolm can't venture far to observe nature, nature will come to him!

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