Monday, December 06, 2010

we are such sleep as dreams permit us to acknowledge

I know that I've been sleeping, or at least suspect that to be the case, when I suddenly escape from a vivid (albeit naturalistic) dream. No matter the quality of the dream, be it blissfully arcadian or nightmarish chase, there's always something reassuring about waking up. I must admit that there was a time, in childhood, when waking brought little release from the more nightmarish of dream episodes; I required excessive amounts of reassurance to escape it's fevered shadow. These days, my dreams are usually of a somewhat more gentle nature and, in the dream, I generally possess levels of both physical and emotional stamina that I dare hardly dream of these days.

There are many times when, having finally managed to remove myself from the duvet lair, I belatedly enter the new day in full convincement that not even a wink of sleep has come my way; such is the painfully shattered sense of exhaustion that greets my emergence.Once exhaustedly abed, sundry neuropathic aches and pains do their darnedest to ensure that I cannot sustain any comfortable position for sufficient time to catch even a catnap; surprisingly the (apparent) evidence of my dreams suggests otherwise!


Kitty said...

Hi Malcolm,

I have ME/CFS too and I always had very vivid and odd dreams lol! I love your description of yours! Kitty x

Malcolm said...

thanks for you kind comment - hope your body is taking notice of your recent entreaties!

Kitty said...

Aw thank you Malcolm. Body will take notice! I will make sure of it hehe! I have just checked out your paintings; they are so wonderful! My favourite is "easter dance", there's something about it that speaks to me! Hope you have recovered from your trip to the bakery by now, amitriptyline helps me with pain and sleep too :-) x