Sunday, February 19, 2012

three poems for Helen


                                 THAT DAY (for Helen)

                                  That day we found each other,
or perhaps the day
found us.

Though neither of us knew
what we were looking for,
a clasp of hands, an affirmation

of each others presence -
meant more
than either of us knew.

That day we found
each other -
and suddenly we knew.

          Malcolm Evison

(for Helen)

Right now I feel
the urge to scream
forget the aching limbs

dance deftly
on the brim
of my emotions.

Right now
I feel the lure of love
the light

that breaches
my stoical defence.
I see your face

I glow with joy -
right now
there is no you or I

as we rejoice.

Right now I am
alive with you -
I feel -

imbibe the air of this
our perfect world.

                                      Malcolm Evison


Wrapped in each other                     
we break illusions
of our separateness.

As bodies merge
we lose location
finding our place

in vaster schemes.
Thanksgiving, sanctified
with each embrace,

transmits a joy
beyond our reckonings.

love knows no bounds.

                                Malcolm Evison

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