Friday, March 11, 2011

The Art of Revival

Last evening, after a day of acute discomfort, I set myself a task by way of a distraction from my ailments. An old laptop of mine had become frustratingly sluggish, to a point where it seemed to have discovered the secret of backwards time travel; a simple update of MSE antivirus took on the proportions of installing a new service pack (and that in an imagined scenario when one had failed to install any intermediate patches). So, you may well be thinking, you utilized frustration as a distraction?

The mission this time was to do a clean install of XP Home SP2 followed by SP3, a few drivers needing to be installed in the process. I even managed to install a full Office Pro system, ready for handing the machine over to one of Helen’s students at the Acorn Centre. Having done all this work, it was amazing to see how fast it responded to any command – almost like new; the fact that many of the letters had worn off the keyboard soon allayed any confusion on this point.

The distraction did little to alleviate my painful discomfort but, I feel certain that the time passed much more quickly (and constructively) than it would otherwise have done. I’ve even got another discarded PC in my sights, to attempt another resuscitation operation.

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