Thursday, March 24, 2011

spoilt by lack of choice

Just how irritably tetchy, like an overwound spring, I'd become wasn't immediately apparent but, (these days) the most minor event goes wrong and, wham, bam ... I'm in there without so much as a by your leave. I feel sorry for the recipient of the agressive verbal outpourings that ensue, it just seems so contrary to my (what was always seen to be) laid-back temperament. To be honest I never suffered fools (especially the supposedly intelligent ones) gladly but, would always deal with the situation in a calmly measured way, at least that's what I attempted. Nowadays it's shoot first ... ask questions later.

On the one hand I know that suppressing anger / outrage can have a negative effect on one's psychsomatic well being but, at the same time, rapidly vented anger leads one into a lingering slow-motion period of regret, the outrage having frequently been disproportionate to its triggering event. Unfortunately I never have sufficient stamina to release the pent up frustration by more directly physical means - walloping a punch-bag, bopping the night away, even going out for a lung stretching high speed walk is out of the question - so I'm left with a fiery verbal temper.

Since succumbing, eight years ago, to this excruciatingly painful, socially isolating, chronic condition, the irritability quotient seems to have multiplied in an almost logarithmic progression. Intense frustration arises on occasions when I've decided to go with ma belle to do some shopping, only to find that minutes after belting up in the car I suddenly feel too discomforted and unwell to pursue this course of action. At other times I arrive at the shop and have to find a place to sit down, in splendid isolation, whilst ma belle does the shopping. Bracing myself for such outings as visits to shops, GP surgeries, or indeed any priorly arranged appointment, swiftly depletes my already limited stamina reserves. Should a last minute change occur to any of these plans, that's when the spring snaps ...

What surprises me most is the high degree of contentment I have in simple pleasures such as sitting out in the arbour seat, observing the garden's flora and fauna, or basking in the presence of my beloved in the evening. I am essentially a happy, easily contented person; I just wish my body would allow me to socialize more, rather than constantly having to fall back on being self-contained. An asocial mode of being is not my lifestyle choice. 

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