Tuesday, December 19, 2017

EPSON WOES - just for the record

Having made a grievous error of purchasing a new photo printer (older ones now best for document printing alone) I found myself damaging my health (and deeply upsetting my beloved) in trying to set up the new machine - the following is a transcript of my communication via Twitter with the printer company - just for the record ....


EPSON WOES – just for the record

Malcolm Evison‏    (tweeted)
 Dec 16
@EpsonUK took me two hours to connect to new XP55 machine - wouldn't reognize wireless or ethernet - after  a while did accept fixed IP Address via ethernet. Never had such problems with any printer connection over many years. Displeased!

Epson responded to my tweet:

Epson UK‏
 2h 2hours ago (Dec 18)
Replying to @sinnaluvva
Hi Malcom, Sorry to hear that, If you require any assistance please follow our profile and DM us your query. We will be happy to help. Kind Regards.

DM to Epson as requested 2 hours earlier 1920hrs 18 Dc 2017

setting up my new Epson XP55 took ovr two hours on Saturday, would not connect to wireless or ethernet Eventually had to set up a fixed IP. Never had a machine with these problems over many years and with a chronic I'm totally knackered by the effort. What is wrong with your machines. Suggestion of temp USB connection to aid wireless set up totally useless but, only USB cable I had to try was an Epson one from over a decade ago - maybe not right now - (that printer collapsed, as did another Epson in just over a year's light use) don't know what's wrong with me that I gave Epson another chance.

addendum DM at 2000hrs

sorry, I omitted the important word "illness" after word chronic. And, having paid £83 for 1 set of XL inks ( I misread thinking it was 24 cartridges) I think you should supply a technician gratis to set up your machine with its set-up inks! *

*[Not part of transcript - I usually rely on compatible inks but was hoping for something more impressive!]

19 december from Epson UK (below)

Hi Malcom, I am very sorry that you are unhappy with your Epson XP-55, It is never our intention to disappoint customers in any way and I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Were you able to connect the printer in the end? Is there anything we can do to assist you?

my response to Epson UK via DM

I don't understand why it can't find a wireless signal or an automatic IP address via ethernet - I now have it situated in an upstairs room close to our Virgin hub (100 Mbps) - never had these problems with HP or Canon printers - I've even been able to troubleshoot others problems. Unfortunately, constant re-attempts at setting up are not at all conducive to retaining my already low stamina levels (ME & FM sufferer since 2003).

plus my DM

its current position is of course most inconvenient!

plus my DM

After another unsuccessful and exhausting attempt to achieve a wireless connection to your product, which leaves me shattered, I am more than ever regretting my purchase. IF A USB CONNECTION WOULD ASSIST IN SETTING UP THE WIRELESS CONNECTION (as your set-up disk suggests) WOULD IT NOT BE THE DECENT THING TO DO TO SUPPLY (GRATIS) THE APPROPRIATE USB LEAD. There is definitely something odd in the way your machine is constructed.

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