Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Down To Business

The 6.00pm news on BBC Radio 4 is a regular accompaniment to meal preparation chez nous. Not exactly a barrel of laughs but, tonight they excelled themselves.

The news headlines, which top and tail the bulletin, were a cause for mirth and merriment:

(initially referring to Gordon Brown’s speech at the UN) "Gordon Brown said it’s time to end the age of irresponsibility. He will be meeting George Bush this evening”

This evening's encounter should be quite something : An awesome vision of the British PM toting an AK47 flashed across my mind, as if to show that he meant business.


SimplyTim said...


Speaking of mirth and merriment...what's your "take" of what's happening in the colonies these past 2 weeks? What with the "knot being tied tighter and tighter" and the need for a few bucks to rescue the system.


Malcolm said...

I think that recent fiscal events demonstrate once more that free marketeers have to resort to a few socialistic measures to save the capitalist economy from collapse!

There's true irony.

Global interdependence has come increasingly to the fore - maybe it demonstrates the need for co-operation rather than competition but, I am increasingly concerned by the American leash / noose around our necks which has been accepted all too readily by the New Labour heirs of Thatcher.

American culture gets a rather large YEAH from me - their governmental policies of recent years a definite THUMBS DOWN!