Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thought For The Moment


“I wish the church knew that having questions, experiencing doubts and being uncertain about things that the church is teaching does not necessarily equal spiritual immaturity.”


On stumbling across this post my first thought was that those who have no doubts or questions may well be the spiritually immature. Perhaps they mistake their own spiritual ego with the divine spark itself! 



Paul said...

It is the questions and the doubts that make me feel alive.

The Oxcliffe Fox said...

This raises an interesting question: does spirituality healthily reinforce the ego (as both Jung and Tillich believed) or does it promote ego-less-ness? And let's be honest, questioning itself is a bit of an ego-trip, isn't it? A kind of arrogance? But one thing I am sure of is that too much cetainty in one's faith is a sign of spiritual immatuity.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm - Thanks for the link.

Oxcliff Fox - you said "let's be honest, questioning itself is a bit of an ego-trip, isn't it" ... that is a good point and something to be aware of. It isn't easy living between the tension of believing and questioning - but how else will I position myself to possibly be able to recognize when I have been wrong. I am trying to live my life in dialogue not debate - in a state of learning something not proving or making someone else prove something. Like I said - it isn't easy.

Malcolm said...

Thanks for your comments - essentially I feel like Paul. [At other times I could do with a dash of certainty].

It's almost as if the questioning and doubts are more basic than ego, in some ways akin to the Freudian id - fulfilling some basic need.

TOF - is questioning really an ego trip? To some extent it's dependent on the basis of our questioning. Are the questions raised because
i)we want to know
ii)because we know better or
iii)is it a more basic necessity for this bundle of sensations that forms us?

gracerules - "I am trying to live my life in dialogue not debate" - I think that falls into category i)
Thanks for the stimulation your blog provides.

Just a little off-the-cuff response.