Saturday, September 27, 2008

A lesson in objectivity!


Are they really reporting on the same debate?


“From the economy to foreign affairs to the way they carried themselves on stage, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama offered a dramatic contrast to the nation in their first presidential debate on Friday night, mixing disdain and often caustic remarks as they set out sharply different views of how they would manage the country and confront America’s adversaries abroad.”


JOHN McCAIN and Barack Obama entered last night's debate with fewer differences on foreign policy than their rhetoric usually suggests. Some nuances excepted, the two candidates basically have the same ideas for containing the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, responding to Russia's aggressiveness toward its neighbors, fighting the war in Afghanistan and advancing the Middle East peace process. On many of those issues they wouldn't stray far from the policies they would inherit from President Bush.”



SimplyTim said...


Truly so much is in the eye of the beholder.

I had several thoughts this morning when I was reviewing the debate in my mind but two stand out.

1. At times Senator Obama seemed to be at a loss for he was searching for the right thought and words. There was a bit of a stutter (of course it was a highly stressful context for the both of them)and I wondered if one of the reasons why he presents as such a studied, organized and well spoken person was to cover -perhaps - his discomfort at being ill at ease and at a loss for words.

2. I had a sense that Senator McCain hated himself for shading the facts for the purpose of making political points and generating sound bytes.

Just my sense of it all.


Malcolm said...

Thanks for your recent comments Tim. My feelings were that on the economy Obama was confident and came out streets ahead of McCain.

Unfortunately on foreign policy and national security, Obama seems to have conceded (albeit mistakenly) too much to McCain and his ilk.